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Re: cluster launch (UNCLASSIFIED)

From: Oppe, Thomas C ERDC-RDE-ITL-MS Contractor <no email>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 03:29:34 +0000

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I'm including the "" mailing list in my response. They seem very helpful.

I've tried launching a cloud from the web site you mentioned, namely

and hitting the "Launch Stack" button. The blog seems to be a year old, written it seems prior to Supercomputing 2011, and I'm worried that the AMI (operating system) it uses is out-of-date or no longer supported by StarCluster. From the blog, we apparently want a hardware-assisted virtualization (HVM) type AMI for a "cc2.8xlarge" HPC cluster.

Another way, if we already have a cloud going as we do with our "cluster" instance, is to logon to "cluster", verify that "starcluster" is installed in the home directory (it is), then move or rename any file named


to somewhere else or something else, and then do:

    $ starcluster help

to have StarCluster generate a supported "~/.starcluster/config" file. We then edit it to supply our own key pair information, security credentials, EBS volume description, and any plugins. I have tried to do that with the current "config" and "config.bak" files in that directory. The web page for doing this is:

I think it gives you a choice of four AMI's in the sample "config" file created. We would want the 64-bit HVM choice I would guess. The trouble is that when I have edited this file and do:

   $ starcluster start mycluster

it says that "master" is not found. I could not get beyond that point.

Since the GNU compilers are free and MPICH2 is free, I am hoping that we can find plugins to bring in the latest GNU compilers (gcc, g++, and gfortran 4.7.2) and MPICH2. Then we will have a choice of Intel vs. GNU for compilers and OpenMP vs. MPICH2 vs. Intel MPI for MPI, with the latter as the only choice with the Intel compilers.

Tom Oppe

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 Hi, Tom. A quick question. I read through all your emails. I wanted to launch the cluster the same way you did. Did you use the launch button on
or did you find a template you liked and used that?

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