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Can no longer connect to IPython clusters from a remote notebook

From: Alessandro Gagliardi <no email>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 12:50:46 -0700

I had been able to run IPython Notebook locally and connect to StarCluster
rc =
sshkey='/home/alessandro/.ssh/path-ops.pem', packer='pickle')
I upgraded IPython from 0.12 to 0.13 and it worked for the most part,
though I had some trouble at times, so following the advice at I upgraded to 0.14. After
restarting myfourthcluster I was no longer able to connect. I was still
running 0.13 locally and was able to generate the attached crash report. I
noticed that my local copy of IPython was looking for a "url" field in the
JSON file which now looks like:
  "control": XXXXX,
  "task": XXXXX,
  "notification": XXXXX,
  "task_scheme": "leastload",
  "mux": XXXXX,
  "iopub": XXXXX,
  "ssh": "",
  "registration": XXXXX,
  "interface": "tcp://XX.XX.XX.XX",
  "pack": "pickle",
  "unpack": "pickle",
  "location": "XX.XX.XX.XX"
I noticed that a JSON file I had for an older instance looked quite
  "url": "tcp:///XX.XX.XX.XX:XXXXX",
  "ssh": "",
  "location": "XX.XX.XX.XX"
I tried adding a "url" field but could not figure out what to fill it with.
I then figured that the problem could be because of a mismatch between 0.13
on my local machine and 0.14 remotely, so I upgraded.
Now when I try the above Client command, it hangs indefinitely.

Please help!

Thank you,

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