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CG1 plus StarCluster Questions

From: Scott Le Grand <no email>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 14:25:20 -0700

Hey guys, I'm really impressed with StarCluster and I've used it to create
clusters ranging from 2 to 70 instances...

I've also customized it to use CUDA 4.2 and 295.41, the latest toolkit and
driver, because my code has GTX 680 support and I don't want to have to
comment it out just to build it (and 4.1 had a horrendous perf regression).

Anyway, 2 questions, one of which I think you already answered:

1. I'd like to setup a custom AMI that by default has configured 2 GPUs as
a consumable resource. I already have code to utilize exclusive mode and
choose whichever GPU isn't in use in my app, but that all falls down
because the queueing system is based on CPU cores rather than GPU count.
How would I set this up once so I can save the customized AMI and never
have to do it again?

2. I'm also seeing the .ssh directories disappear on restart. But I'll
look at your solution as I've just been restarting the whole cluster up to
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