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Re: Error running custom AMI

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 15:33:01 -0500

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Hi Paolo,

StarCluster comes with a set of base 32bit/64bit AMIs as you've
seen/used. These AMIs are tuned for use with StarCluster and any AMI
you wish to use with StarCluster must be configured similarly in order
to be used with StarCluster.

The two most important requirements are:

1. root ssh logins must be permitted (this is what's currently causing
your "Garbage Packet" error in your logs...)
2. NFS must be installed and the NFS start-up script in /etc/init.d
must be linked to /etc/init.d/nfs

StarCluster also expects that /opt/sge6-fresh contains a binary build
of SGE/OGS in order to configure SGE/OGS at runtime. You can disable
SGE/OGS support by setting disable_queue=True in your cluster
templates if you do not require SGE/OGS and would like to skip this

You can see all of the gory details involved with building a
StarCluster AMI in the AMI "Cookbooks" in the StarCluster wiki:

The majority of the steps in the guides are related to installing
custom ATLAS/numpy/scipy/OpenMPI/etc which you can skip if you do not

With that said, the recommended way to create a custom AMI for use
with StarCluster is to launch a single instance of one of the
StarCluster AMIs, configure to your liking, and then use StarCluster's
'createimage' command to build your custom AMI:

This approach avoids having to fiddle anything but your packages and
customizations and lets StarCluster do the rest.


On 10/10/2011 08:20 AM, Paolo Di Tommaso wrote:
> Dear StarCluster Team,
> I'm evaluating your tool.
> I had no problem starting a small cluster with the default
> configuration. But when I tried to use a custom AMI (no more than a
> Basic 64-bit Amazon Linux AMI, with few other custom tools). I get
> the error message below.
> Is there any special configuration in order to use custom AMI
> images?
> By the way your tool is amazing!
> Thank you,
> Paolo Di Tommaso Software Engineer Comparative Bioinformatics
> Group Centre de Regulacio Genomica (CRG) Dr. Aiguader, 88 08003
> Barcelona, Spain

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