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Re: can one build a starcluster using vbox?

From: Rayson Ho <no email>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 15:07:40 -0800 (PST)


I was looking up some OpenStack stuff today, and found this "Running a Cloud in a VM" script that claims to deploy an OpenStack cloud in 5 mins:

Devstack only supports Ubuntu, but if you want the best OpenStack support, I think Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) is the best distro choice.


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I would like to try starcluster in a private cloud too...

VirtualBox is only the virtualization layer, you will need an IaaS cloud layer to handle the requests from starcluster. Boto (the software that starcluster uses to interface with EC2) should be able to work with OpenStack and Eucalyptus, and of course there are some minor APIs missing in OpenStack.

A quick google search leads me to this:

The world seems to be migrating from Eucalyptus to OpenStack, but if you are just hacking/trying starcluster, then I guess it doesn't really matter which IaaS layer you use.


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> > hi
> can one build a starcluster using vbox to play/practice or
> one need to do it only with EC2?
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