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StarCluster 0.92 release candidate 1

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 11:44:01 -0400

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Hi All,

This may come as a complete shock but believe it or not I've published a
release candidate for 0.92 (rc1) to PYPI:

NOTE: Before upgrading please be aware that rc1 does not support
clusters created with previous versions and will print a warning along
with instructions on how to proceed if it finds old clusters. With that
said, it's best not to upgrade until you've terminated any currently
running clusters created with an old version. Also, the _at_sc-masters
group is no longer needed and can be removed after upgrading using:

$ starcluster terminate masters

You can find the new docs for 0.92rc1 here:

NOTE: these docs are still very much a work in progress. If anyone is
interested in helping to improve the docs, please fork the project on
github and submit pull requests. Here's a guide to get you started:

Please upgrade at your leisure, test the new release candidate, and
submit any bug reports preferably on StarCluster's github issue tracker
or this mailing list. The plan is to release more frequently now as bugs
are discovered/fixed and as new features are added. The time between
0.91.2 and this 0.92rc1 version was far too long and I apologize for
this. I'm hoping to release at least every couple of months moving forward.

Also, I've attached the feature highlights of 0.92rc1 to the end of this

Thanks for your patience and enjoy!


- -----------------------
New Feature Highlights:
- -----------------------

Cluster Compute/GPU Instances- Added support for the new Cluster
Compute/GPU instance types. Thanks to Fred Rotbart for his contributions.

EBS-Backed Clusters- Added support for starting/stopping EBS-backed
clusters on EC2. The "stop" command now stops (instead of terminate)
an EBS-backed cluster and terminates an S3-backed cluster. Added a
terminate command that terminates *any* cluster.

Improved performance - using workerpool library
( to configure nodes concurrently.

New "ebsimage" and "s3image" commands for easily creating new EBS-backed
AMIs. Each command supports creating a new AMI from S3 and EBS-backed
image hosts respectively. (NOTE: "createimage" has been renamed to
s3image. you can still call "createimage" but this will go away in
future releases).

Add/Remove Nodes- added new "addnode" and "removenode" commands
for adding/removing nodes to a cluster and removing existing nodes from
a cluster.

Restart command- Added new restart command that reboots the cluster and
reconfigures the cluster.

Create Keypairs- Added ability to add/list/remove keypairs

Elastic Load Balancing- Support for shrinking/expanding clusters based
on Sun Grid Engine queue statistics. This allow the user to start a
single-node cluster (or larger) and scale the number of instances needed
to meet the current SGE queue load. For example, a single-node cluster
can be launched and as the queue load increases new EC2 instances are
launched, added to the cluster, used for computation, and then removed
when they're idle. This minimizes the cost of using EC2 for an unknown
and on-demand workload. Thanks to Rajat Banerjee (rqbanerjee).

Security Group Permissions- Added ability to specify permission settings
to be applied automatically to a cluster's security group after it's
been started.

Multiple Instance Types- Added support for specifying instance types on
a per-node basis. Thanks to Dan Yamins for his contributions.
Unpartitioned Volumes- StarCluster now supportsbothpartitioned and
unpartitioned EBS volumes.

New Plugin Hooks- Plugins can now play a part when adding/removing a
node as well as when restarting/shutting down the entire cluster by
implementing the on_remove_node/on_add_node/on_shutdown/on_reboot
methods (still needs documenting)

Added a "runplugin" command and fixed the run_plugin() method in the
development shell. You can now run a plugin in the dev shell like so:

~[1]> cm.run_plugin('myplugin', 'mycluster')

Added support for easily switching regions (without config changes)
using a global -z option. For example:

$ starcluster -r eu-west-1 listclusters
StarCluster - ( (v. 0.92rc1)
Software Tools for Academics and Researchers (STAR)
Please submit bug reports to

>>> No clusters found...

Added new "resizevolume" command for easily resizing existing EBS volumes.

Added listregions/listzones commands
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