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Re: Can't find starcluster on latest 64-bit AMI

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 16:06:16 -0500

Hi Stuart,

Just to follow up the AMIs do not have StarCluster installed.
StarCluster is meant to be installed on your local machine and handles
launching/configuring the instances over SSH so there is no need to have
it installed on the AMI/cluster. In any event using StarCluster on an
EC2 instance would require you to store your credentials on the EC2
instance which is something I wouldn't recommend for security reasons.
It's best to keep your credentials off the cloud if you can help it.


On 12/21/10 4:05 AM, Stuart Young wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> I launched the latest 64-bit AMI (ami-a19e71c8) but when I logged and
> ran 'starcluster' it didn't find the executable:
> root_at_domU-12-31-38-07-14-0D:/usr/local# starcluster
> -bash: starcluster: command not found
> root_at_domU-12-31-38-07-14-0D:~# updatedb
> root_at_domU-12-31-38-07-14-0D:/usr/local# locate starcluster
> root_at_domU-12-31-38-07-14-0D:/usr/local#
> Could you tell me the file system location of the starcluster
> installation on that AMI? Or if there are any other AMIs I should use?
> Cheers,
> Stuart
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