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force starcluster run

From: Adam Kraut <no email>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 12:19:57 -0500

Hi folks,

StarCluster rocks! Great job Justin et al.

I was using starcluster (v. 0.9999) to start an 80 node spot instance cluster recently and run into an issue.

starcluster start -b 0.10 -s 80 SpotCluster

It took a few minutes for the spots to open and the instances to be running. StarCluster was still waiting on instances to come up so I ran the start command with --no-create

starcluster start --no-create -s 80 SpotCluster
starcluster start --no-create SpotCluster

I can verify with the AWS console and the output 'starcluster listclusters' that all 80 instances are up and running. Is there a way to force starcluster to run the install? Is starcluster checking something other than ec2-describe-instances like ssh to see if a node is up?

Not sure if this is due to the cluster size, spot instances, or just an anomaly like one node not starting sshd. I'll try again today I just wanted to see if I could buy a clue from the list.

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