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mpich2 mpd on starcluster

From: Qiming He <no email>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 01:26:44 -0500

starcluster folks,

I have a question regarding using mpich2(instead of openmpi) on 2-node
starcluster (default config). I have
installed mpich2 run-time, tested password-less access, create /etc/mpd.conf
and /etc/mpd.hosts (containing two nodes).
when I run
%mpdcheck -f /etc/mpd.hosts -v -ssh
everything looks fine, e.g. echo back from both nodes. However, when I run
mpd & and mdptrace
I can only see one instance running. The instance is where I start mpd.

I have built a similar 2-node EC2 cluster using vanilla ami, and configure
everything manually. mpd works fine for me?

If you replicate this problem (running mpich2 on starcluster), please advise
a workaround. Thanks

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