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Re: creating a new AMI for starcluster -- can't log in

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 12:59:10 -0400

  On 10/30/10 12:02 PM, Dan Tenenbaum wrote:
> Now I can ssh in to my instances as either root or sgeadmin, but when
> I start a cluster, I cannot ssh from master to a worker as sgeadmin
> without 1) being prompted about the key and 2) getting "permission
> denied (publickey)". I can work around this by doing all my work as
> root, but it's not ideal.
This is with the AMI you're trying to create? Did you install the NFS
packages and have you verified NFS is working? You can test this by
creating a file in /home on the master (as root) and then ssh to node001
and see if it shows up.

Remind me, did you experience this issue with the official StarCluster

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