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Re: creating a new AMI for starcluster -- can't log in

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 11:54:49 -0400

  On 10/29/10 8:07 PM, Dan Tenenbaum wrote:
> Could this have something to do with the preparation that starcluster
> does prior to creating an image?

Well if you didn't set disable_root: 0 then not being able to login as
root is most likely because of that. Not being able to login as ubuntu
user though *could* be caused by the cloud-init having a new behavior in
10.10 that it does not setup /home/ubuntu/.ssh folder if it does not
already exist (that is purely a guess, I haven't looked at the latest
version of cloud-init since the 10.04 Alestic AMI). The preparation in
starcluster 0.91.2's createimage command does blast all .ssh folders in
/home before imaging so if the new cloud-init scripts do have this
behavior then that would be why you can't login to ubuntu user after
imaging with createimage.

> Next I'll try just creating a starcluster image without altering
> anything and see if I can ssh in as ubuntu.
> If that doesn't work, I'll try creating an image without using
> starcluster at all (instead running ec2-bundle-vol and
> ec2-upload-bundle on the instance).

I'll have a look at the issues creating a 10.10 AMI when I get some time.

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