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Re: [Starcluster] enlarge volume

From: Dan Yamins <no email>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 18:43:06 -0400

> Do you have a snapshot? I have used parted and e2resizefs to expand an
>>> ext3 filesystem without trouble.

So I'm trying parted on a new, clean volume created from the snapshot,
attached to /dev/sdm As I explained before, I can't do

$ parted /dev/sdm
[root_at_domU-12-31-39-0E-B2-61 ~]# parted /dev/sdm
Error: Error initialising SCSI device /dev/sdm - Invalid argument

AUstin, when you did this did you get that same error?

I *CAN* do parted on the path:

$ parted /dev/sdm1
GNU Parted 1.8.1
Using /dev/sdm1
Welcome to GNU Parted! Type 'help' to view a list of commands.

But then i get this error:

(parted) resize 1 0 500GB
Error: The location 500GB is outside of the device /dev/sdo1.

Which is course is true ...

(parted) print
Disk /dev/sdm1: 21.5GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: loop

Number Start End Size File system Flags
 1 0.00kB 21.5GB 21.5GB ext3

So I'm not sure where to go from here...

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