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[Starcluster] connection.execute behavior

From: Dan Yamins <no email>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 08:04:31 -0400

Here are two places where behavior of executing a command via
connection.execute is different from executing it at the actual shell,
causing trouble:

1) I can run this command fine at the actual shell of one of my node, when
logged in as root:

   su gotdata -c "ssh -f -N -L 27017:localhost:27017"

It runs, returns without blocking, doing exactly what I want (establishing
an ssh tunnel from one node to another on port 27017).

But when I try to execute this command over the execute method in the
starcluster shell, it DOES block:

   solr_conn.execute('su gotdata -c "ssh -f -N -L 27017:localhost:27017"')

... and only returns when I manually kill the ssh tunnel that it starts.
What should I do to get what I want?

2) The same command, minus the su part, runs fine at the actual shell:

   ssh -f -N -L 27017:localhost:27017

but when I run this command via the execute method, it fails:

   In [31]: solr_conn.execute('ssh -f -N -L 27017:localhost:27017')
   Out[31]: ['Host key verification failed.']

Why is the behavior different?

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