Python Package Installer Plugin

The PyPkgInstaller plugin installs a list of Python packages on all nodes in parallel using pip (by default).


To use this plugin add the following to your starcluster config file with the list of packages to install. For instance to install libraries to build an HTTP API with a database:

[plugin webapp-packages-installer]
setup_class = starcluster.plugins.pypkginstaller.PyPkgInstaller
packages = flask, SQLAlchemy

The packages setting specifies the list of Python packages to install on each node.

Once you’ve configured the PyPkgInstaller plugin the next step is to add it to the plugins list in one of your cluster templates in the config:

[cluster mycluster]
plugins = webapp-packages-installer

If you already have a cluster running that didn’t originally include the PyPkgInstaller plugin in its config you can manually run the plugin on the cluster using:

$ starcluster runplugin webapp-packages-installer mycluster
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>>> Running plugin webapp-packages-installer
>>> Installing Python packages on all nodes:
>>> $ pip install flask
>>> $ pip install SQLAlchemy
2/2 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 100%
>>> PyPkgInstaller took 0.317 mins

Installing Unreleased Software

pip can also install the development branch of software project directly from source code repositories such as github. For instance the following configuration makes it possible to install the master branch of IPython. If this plugin is configured to run before IPython Cluster Plugin, this makes it possible to test yet unreleased features of IPython.parallel and notebook:

[plugin ipython-dev]
setup_class = starcluster.plugins.pypkginstaller.PyPkgInstaller
packages = pyzmq,

[plugin ipcluster]
setup_class = starcluster.plugins.ipcluster.IPCluster
enable_notebook = True

[cluster mycluster]
plugins = ipython-dev, ipcluster

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