Boto PluginΒΆ

This plugin configures a $HOME/.boto config file for the CLUSTER_USER. It supports both copying an existing boto config file and auto-generating a boto config file using the currently active StarCluster credentials.

To use this plugin you must first define it in the StarCluster config file:

[plugin boto]
setup_class = starcluster.plugins.boto.BotoPlugin

By default the plugin auto-generates a boto config file for you using the currently active AWS credentials at the time the plugin is executed. If you’d prefer to copy your own boto config file instead add the boto_cfg setting:

[plugin boto]
setup_class = starcluster.plugins.boto.BotoPlugin
boto_cfg = /path/to/your/boto/config

Once you’ve defined the plugin in your config, add the boto plugin to the list of plugins in one of your cluster templates:

[cluster smallcluster]
plugins = boto

Now whenever you start a cluster using that cluster template the CLUSTER_USER will automatically be configured to use boto.

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